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About Malaysian Agro

A business leader in agro-technology to provide total plantation solutions and technical support services to the agriculture sector, with the aim of enhancing the productivity of plantations and improving the health of the crops on a sustainable basis without adverse effects. Our principle activity is to provide agricultural solutions for farmers and plantations by focusing on the development, manufacturing and marketing of agricultural products and services based on latest,.... Know More

VITEX Industries Sdn Bhd (VITEX)

VITEX is a successful agricultural product manufacturing company based in Malaysia. Our specialised products are manufactured in accordance with local & global market needs. Our well diversified range of products has been developed to provide unique and high quality premier products to our quality conscious customers. Our clients are large corporations, government linked companies as well as private estates and small holders.

Malaysian Agro Products Berhad (MAPB)

MAPB was established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the year 2006. The company specializes in delivering high technology nutrients, fertilizers and other agricultural related products.

MAPB’s management team has successfully launched VITEX, a unique and first of its kind product for the rubber sector. This product is being marketed through MAPB’s marketing arm Vitex Industries Sdn. Bhd. As a commercial enterprise, MAPB is helmed by a strong management team drawn from extensive business and professional backgrounds with global business exposure. The collective strengths of our team shall facilitate the dynamic growth of a trusted agro products management company to be recognized through out the world.

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